Inverrary Association

The Family of Associations at Inverrary

Board of Directors

The Inverrary Association, through its Board of Directors is responsible for the overall Inverrary community. Our mission is to assist the owners and associations in owning, managing and operating the properties, amenities, and facilities, not within a particular residential parcel of Inverrary, but for the use and benefit of all residents of Inverrary. It is also the purpose of this Association to carry out, implement and enforce the objectives and provisions of its Declarations and Articles.

The Association Board consists of one representative from each membership association. The Board annually elects the Association’s Officers consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, all comprised of volunteers who are homeowners themselves.

The Inverrary Association meets the first Tuesday on a by-monthly basis (unless rescheduled due to meetings conflicts with holidays and vacation periods) to ensure the Community, County, State and National issues are addressed and resolved.

President - Tom Harney (Hills of Inverrary)
Vice President - Laura Brogan
Treasurer - Brenda Rice (18th Hole)
Secretary - Naomi Benton-Brown (Isles of Inverrary)
Assistant Secretary - Oral Druloo